Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Adley's Growth Chart

Growth Chart 

May 20, 2014 Newborn 7 lbs 13 oz 20 in
          June 3, 2014 2 Weeks Old 8 lbs 4 oz, 21 1/2 in
July 21, 2014 2 Months Old 10lbs 12oz
September 25, 2014 4 Months Old 13lbs 9 oz

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Introducing Our Adley, and a Preschool Graduation

Matt and I couldn't stop staring at our beautiful daughter.
She was so alert after she was born, she had us both wrapped around her finger within seconds.

We couldn't wait to show off our girl.

It was getting pretty late after delivery, getting stitched up, all that fun stuff.
But when all of that was finished up, I asked if it was too late for a visitor.
They whispered that they weren't too strict, so I quickly asked if was okay if my big sister came up,
and they said that would be totally fine.

Amy had the boys at her house of course, but since boys were snoozing, and Tim and her family were home, she came as fast as she could!
While she was there, Cy called her, Rhett had woken up and wanted Mommy.
Oh man!! Break my heart!
Cy was SO grown up and sweet though,
she handed the phone to me, and it was so precious to hear my 17 year old nephew
calmly soothing my 3 year old.
"It's okay buddy, tell Mommy you love her, it's okay Rhett!"
Rhett was half asleep, Matt told Cy to just lay down with him,
and he would go on to sleep.
Daddy was right, and we heard that he was just fine a few minutes later.

Amy stayed a little while, and then it was time for us to move over to the Mother/Baby unit.
My epidural was still wearing off, it's always entertaining trying to walk for the first time after that!
We walked through the hospital, (well, I was wheeled in a wheel chair) and settled into our room.
My awesome labor and delivery nurse gave me a big hug, and we met our new night nurse.
Who was also sweet, thank goodness!

In my three experiences, I have never gotten any sleep the first night after having a baby.
A mix of adrenaline, excitement, and not being able to turn off my brain...
oh and maybe the fact that they come and check your vitals the second you seem to doze off,
and there's beeping, and talking, and NO BOX FAN. (sigh)
I am so addicted to sleeping with a box fan.
I also couldn't stop thinking about the boys meeting their little sister!
Matty, was snoring within seconds. I will forever be jealous of his ability to do that!

Well before I knew it, the sun was just coming up, and someone was taking my vitals.
I was wide eyed and bushy tailed.
Mom and Dad were coming in the morning they said,
and Amy was bringing the boys up after their breakfast, and as soon as they were up and going.
I couldn't wait.

Matt and I ate breakfast, and watched some TV, while we snuggled our brand new baby girl.
Minutes before Mom and Dad got there,
I put her very first bow on...and I do believe I squealed!

She was ready for company now. :)

Mommom and Grand-Dad meeting their newest Grand-baby!

They were still visiting, when Amy got there with our two big brothers.
It turned out perfectly, oh we were so excited!

They both jumped right on the bed and gave out hugs, and Rhett was immediately all over her.
  The first thing Rhett asked was if her bow was on her, inside of my belly! Hee!!
My biggest boy was very curious, but very cautious. A teeny bit jealous too.
He was my 20 questions boy.
He wanted to know what my IV was, why I had a big bruise on my arm,
what all the wires were, why she had something on her belly button, etc etc.
He was very concerned about all of this new stuff he was experiencing.

 If you look at Case's face, especially the last one, you can tell he's trying to figure it all out.
Rhett was all about the touching, kisses and hugs, as I figured he would be, since he's that way with every baby he's ever met. Case didn't want to kiss or hold her, but that was okay.
 I knew he would in his own time.

Moments like these are the ones you remember forever.
How amazing to introduce your children to their new sibling?

 Talk about melting a parent's heart. Seeing all your babies together,
and seeing the big brothers take her in.
All of our hearts grew that day.

Family of five!

The boys had some big brother gifts from their baby sister
(that um were still in our hallway closet, and not wrapped yet, Aunt Mimi to the rescue on that one!)
We did this with Case when Rhetter was born,
I think it's so special, and a great distraction from the boring hospital room for little ones.
They were super excited!

Then Mimi got some snuggles again!

...and Mimi helped protect teeny Adley from her well intentioned big brother Rhett! Ha!

Rhett wanted to hold her right away, Case on the other hand just wasn't ready.

We had a few visitors throughout the day, which we loved having!

Later, after school was out, Avery and Cy came up to meet her! (Griffin and Tim were at a baseball game!)

Along with my friend Kelli, and our neighbor/family friend Joe!
My director from preschool Jennifer and her daughter came!
Then my friend Rachael, and her boyfriend Cody came up that evening!
So fun to see visitors, and of course show off our little girl.

 We were missing Matt's family, as they weren't able to come up yet.
Matt's Mom had Doctor's appointments that week that she absolutely could not miss,
(another reason we knew this stinker of a girl, would most definitely come this week, ha!)
and Matt's Mamaw's hip was hurting, and they were not able to make the trip quite yet.
We knew they would be coming as soon as they possibly could!
 So in the mean time, we were sending pictures and texts to update them!
We definitely felt their love from far away though! 

Also missing my big brother and his wife, they are busy in Florida, as Virginia was days away from graduation! They were also busy planning their next big step!
Looking like a move up north, so excited for them!


I was getting super sleepy by that evening, as you can imagine.
 I was so excited to just watch American Idol with Matt,
and snuggle with Adley.
I was excited about possibly getting some sleep that night too,
as you know I hardly got an hour or two the night before.

Well, I did get some sleep, I downloaded a free noise machine app on my phone,
and settled with crickets and frogs, before I even set my phone down, hubby was snoring. ;)
We sent Miss Adley to the nursery, after she nursed for an hour,
so I got a few hours of sleep before she came back in hungry.
Sweet baby was such an excellent nurser right from the beginning!

The next day, Thursday, we would be heading home.
Thursday was also Case and Rhett's preschool graduation!
Ohhhh man was I sad to miss that.
It was the one thing I really really didn't want to miss!
It was okay though, as Daddy was going for the both of us,
loaded with a fully charged video camera and camera.
We talked to the nurses about making sure we got discharged after he returned from the graduation,
and they assured us that would be no problem.

My sister, got them all ready for preschool, then my Mom picked them up from her house.
Matt met up with the boys and Mom at preschool.

I couldn't wait to see the pictures and videos!
I had a sweet friend, Janet that sent me a couple videos during the graduation,
and I admit I had a little melt down!
I was so thankful to feel a part of it!
I was so sad to miss that precious graduation,
complete with songs the kids had been working on for weeks,
and a  slideshow our Ms.Susan made.
You know the one,
 pictures of the babies all throughout the year,
paired with music that pulls at every one of your heart strings.

Here are some my favorite pictures captured from that morning:


 So thankful for these precious boys, and so thankful for such a wonderful preschool program!
I was so sad to miss not only graduation, but also our last day of school.
I know I've said it before,
but I have LOVED working at Little Blessings.
I love the staff, program and all of the kids so very much.

Well soon after that, Matt was headed back to the hospital,
and we were excited to get to go home.

(Before we did, I have a story of a lifetime from a hospital mix up,
I have decided not to share on the blog, but have to at least mention it!)

Anyway, as soon as we saw the hospital pediatrician, my nurse, and my Doctor,
we were cleared to head home.
So thankful for another wonderful experience of labor and delivery,
having wonderful care,
and leaving with another gorgeous and healthy baby.

...and so begins our life with three kids!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Birth Story of Adley Kate

  We had lots of opinions on when this little lady would make her appearance. 
Every single one, was that she would come early.
Even strangers would approach me, 
"That baby is coming soon."
"I bet you are due any day" etc. ;)

The Case man came exactly 2 weeks early, and Rhetter was induced one week early. 
My Doctor seemed to think she would be here early as well. 
I tried not to think too much about it, as I knew if I got it in my head she would be early, she would surely be late, and I would surely lose my mind wondering! 

There were a few things I really didn't want to miss, that were coming up. 
My friend Eileen's wedding, My Sprinkle, my sister and friends were throwing for Adley, 
and the one thing I reaaally didn't want to miss Case and Rhett's preschool graduation.
Especially because this was Case's last year of preschool, and because it was the last day of school,
 and work for me as I will not be returning...that is until Miss Adley is two! Hee!

Well Tuesday morning, was the start of the last week of preschool.
I turned 38 weeks the day before, and was still feeling pretty good,
besides the normal discomforts of the last few weeks of pregnancy.
(Okay, I do admit, I was getting super tired of not being able to sleep ;)

Boys and I came in, and I had some easy jobs while working,
like assembling the little graduation caps, and sitting and filling water balloons.
It was water day, and a fun, crazy day with all the sweet kids.

I forgot to mention, the night before Matt and I hardly slept.
It was one of those rare nights, where each of the boys were up for one reason or the other,

So needless to say, after working at preschool,
I was exhausted. My plan was to come home, get Rhett down for a nap, and take a nap myself.
Case is very independent during Rhett's naps,
so I let him know he could play and could come get me if he needed me.

As fate would have it, Rhett was just not going to nap.
Meanwhile, I was having a few stronger braxton hicks, as I had been the last few days/weeks.
I asked the boys to come upstairs and play in their room, while Mommy laid down.
They were very good, and played quietly for quite some time as I rested.
I started timing the contractions, and they were right around 20 minutes apart, lasting about 40 seconds.
It definitely caught my attention that they were consistent, instead of very sporadic as they had been before.

At this point, I started texting my sister.
(reads left to right,also helps to look at the time text was sent ;)


They were seriously hurting...and I was seriously still in denial.
I think I'm always just worried that the contractions will just fade away,
or that we will head all the way to the hospital just to be sent home.

While texting Amy I started to put laundry away, and move around to see if the contractions were still coming on strong, and they definitely were. 

As you read in the texts, Matt was at the gym, and running to Kroger before he was heading home.
I texted him asking where he was, and he replied that he was walking into Kroger.
I replied, "I'm 5min apart and crying"
He immediately called me, asking me if he needed to come home now and take me to the hospital.
I told him we needed dog food and pull ups, and to hurry.

Matt made it home just a little bit before Amy got here.
After talking to Matt, I headed upstairs and started to pack the rest of our bags.
I had packed clothes for the boys, and Adley's bag, but I still needed to get toiletries together, the camera etc.

By this point, the contractions were so strong, and so painful that I had to stop and breathe through them. 
Some were definitely strong enough to bring tears to my eyes.
This was all around 6:00pm.
I finished packing, and came downstairs, and said,
"Wait. I don't think I've had one for a while!"
"You JUST had one that you had to stop and breathe through!" my sister point out.
"I just don't know if it's real!"
"Do you want to wait a little while and see if they keep coming?" she asks.
"I'm going to sit down and see if another one comes."
So I sit on our bench in the hallway and wait.
I kept thinking, of course it's not going to come...but it did. It really did,
and I said the words.
"Okay, I think we need to go."

We kissed the boys Good-bye, and thanked Amy over and over,
and we headed to the hospital.

Matt called his Mom, and our neighbor Joe to make sure he could take care of our big dog Gunner.
He had the speakerphone on, which I quickly asked him to take off,
because HOLY CRAP my contractions were hurting and I needed to breathe and focus,
and I didn't want anyone to hear me if I wanted to cuss or scream! ;)
(Actually I tend to be a quiet, breather and eyes closed kind of girl in labor.
I have to completely focus, and internalize for me to handle them!)

I had several intense contractions on the way,
and had to stop walking after we parked, two or three times to get through a contraction.
(I didn't want Matt to drop me off, I wanted to stay with him)
At this point, I was pretty convinced myself that these were in fact, the real thing.

We arrived in a room right around 6:30pm.
A nurse that reminded me of my Granny in her features, asked me the typical questions,
and got me checked in.
However, she seemed a little odd, she kept laughing, and talking to herself...so when she said,
"I'll just be here for a few minutes, since it's almost shift change time!"
I was a little more than relieved...ha!
She checked me around 7pm, right before she left, and revealed that I was 6 CM!!!

Holy crap.

My night shift nurse came in soon after that, and she was adorable.
Young, and so sweet. (Thank goodness!)
I was getting very nervous about getting my epidural in time, as I couldn't believe I was already 6 cm.
She said that the anesthesiologist was just around the corner, and as soon as they got my IV in, and two bags of fluid in me, I could get the drugs.
 The contractions were pretty intense, and right on top of each other.
 My sweet nurse put a pressurized bag on my fluids, so they would pump faster...
which meant an epidural sooner.

I was starting to feel a ton of pressure, and a quick check later, revealed I was 8 cm.
I thought it would seem like forever, but before I knew it that sweet, wonderful woman walked in the room and made the contractions fade away.
But remember that pressure I was talking about?
It was real. Was NOT playing around.
I literally felt like I was going to explode.
Actually, I felt like I had exploded but the explosion was trapped, and didn't have anywhere to go.
It was a horrible feeling.
The contractions weren't there, but the pressure was so intense, I felt like I didn't get any relief.
She was clearly moving down, and getting ready to make her appearance into the world.
Turns out Dr. Voss was the one on call that night,
and if I couldn't have Dr. Youkilis, he definitely would have been my second choice,
as he delivered Case! ...and so I knew him, and trusted him.
He has the same laid back personality as our Dr. Y.

Before I knew it, it was time to push.
The pressure had subsided tremendously, except when I had a contraction,
but I definitely wasn't screaming out in pain anymore.

(Later I told Matt I felt like I was a psycho for screaming, and acting like that,
and he said, "Babe, I promise you weren't screaming that loud, at all.")
I even apologized to the nurse, and she said, "Girl! You are in labor, and you are doing great!"

Apparently my water was about to break at any moment,
"Okay, this baby is going to come out as soon as this water breaks,
it is literally bulging, try to stay still, we have called Dr.Voss!"
(could have explained the pressure!) 
(Also, my nurse told me later, that she was prepared to deliver the baby herself!) 

 I was a little skeptical still that she would come that fast,
even though Dr.Youkilis thought Rhett broke my tail bone during birth,
and was convinced she would come out very easily.

I shared my concerned with Dr. Voss as he rushed in.
He checked me, about the same time my water broke all over the place.
He then said, "Uh huh, you do have a very pronounced tail bone there,
she's still got a while to go."
I told him about the previous two at this point,
and how we had vacuum assistance with both of the boys.
"Well, let's push really hard for about 30 minutes, and see how far she comes,
I'll be back to check on ya."

Same story!
I have to admit, I was a little excited about this baby coming out with a few pushes,
but clearly my tailbone was still in tact, and totally in the way.

(Side story: My friend, Kelly Anderson sent me a text while we were on the way to the hospital: 
"I forgot to tell you that Sydney (her 3 yr old daughter) said that you would have Adley tonight at 10 o'clock")
 As I glanced at the clock, it was 9:30pm, and immediately that story popped in my head, 
since he said push for 30 min...
I shared the story with our nurse, and Dr. Voss...they were cracking up! 
"Send her up here so she can be our crystal ball! That is crazy!
How wild is that?? :)

So I pushed as hard as I could when the contractions came,
and as we waited on the contractions to come,
we got to know our sweet nurse a little better, loved her so much!
Turns out she is engaged to an engineer, and went to the preschool that I work at when she was a kid.
(Was a different program, but same building)
She said, Engineers are always with nurses or teachers! :)
Such a small world!

Well, Dr. Voss returned to check on me, around 9:40pm.
Asked me if I would like to push a little longer,
or go ahead and use the vacuum.
I quickly answered, "Vacuum."
I had been pushing for about an hour and a half, so I was definitely just ready to meet this girl. 

He agreed, and he prepared the vacuum, as the baby nurses returned.
Everyone was getting ready for a baby.
Here we go.

We waited for a contraction after the vacuum was in place,
and literally one push later,
our gorgeous daughter was here!
I burst into tears,
and kept saying,
"Oh my gosh, she's gorgeous! She's so pretty...and so tiny!"

 Adley Kate Williams 
 May 20, 2014
7 lbs 13 oz, 20 in
9:48 pm

As our sweet girl got measured, and weighed, 
it wasn't long after that we were sending texts, announcing her arrival! 
I just couldn't believe she was already here! 

13 days early, 
labor began I guess around 3pm, so all in all about a 7 hour labor...
and only around 3 1/2 hours from the time we walked into the hospital! 
Have I mentioned that I am so glad we left when we did? 
So glad I have my big sister to convince me that I'm actually in labor! 

Minutes later, I had that precious teeny baby on my chest, 
and Matt and I fell even deeper in love with our daughter.
Seeing, feeling and touching your precious child for the first time
is simple indescribable. 
The absolute best. 
Makes every single moment of pregnancy worth it in one tiny instant. 
Take your breath away, overwhelmingly, ridiculously magical.

We are so ridiculously in love.

Oh darlin', you are so loved. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

37 Week Check Up

I had my 37 week check up yesterday, 
My Doctor was apparently double booked all this week, 
so I was worried about how long it would take in the office, but wasn't too bad thankfully. 

I always look forward to the last month of weekly appointments, 
it's one step closer to meeting our baby, 
and it's so exciting to see if I've progressed any. 

I have been having braxton hicks, that were getting pretty intense, 
so I had a feeling I would be further along. 
I have also come down with another sinus infection, 
so I was anxious to ask him about that as well.
Can't push out a baby, not being able to breathe through your nose!!! ;)

Well, we discussed some medication I could take for my sinus infection,
then I told him about my contractions.
To which he replied, "Hmm, I'm guessing you're 3cm then."
Before checking me he asked if I would like my membranes stripped, 
it was like a gut reaction response, "Um yeah!" 

I was afraid it would hurt, but he assured me to just tell him to stop if I was too uncomfortable. 
It wasn't too bad, besides the fact I thought I was literally going to pee on him.
Which I told him, and he laughed and said "Please don't" Ha! 
It was just so much pressure. 
Oh and I was 3 cm, and 70% effaced. 

He told me I would spot for a day or two, and told me he'd probably see me in a week. 


Sooo, it was also a full moon yesterday, I was trying to not get too excited, 
but I couldn't help to think we might see some serious action that evening, 
and that we might be meeting our little girl very soon.
However, besides some serious cramping
(Like worst menstrual cramping ever, for HOURS)
I wasn't having contractions. 
I think I had a hand full of tightening, painful braxton hicks throughout the entire day and night, 
and they were an hour or more apart. 
 I do believe she has dropped lower though. 
All day with the cramping, I felt like she was literally burrowing down inside of me. 
That evening my stomach looked like a completely different shape to me, 
and my belly button seemed much lower to me than it had been. 
Matt agreed, that it looked different and lower.

Well Matt and I stayed up late watching TV, 
and then I finally settled down into bed and fell asleep. 

I'm starting to loathe bedtime, as I can hardly sleep. 
Between heartburn, a huge belly, not being able to breathe, or having to get up to pee multiple times a night, 
it's just not much fun. I dread it every day. 
I also am convinced God knows that Adley will be up around 3:30-4:00 am every morning, 
because I wake up like clock work right around this time. EVERY DAY.
Body must be getting ready for it. 

I woke up with one painful contraction, and then nothing else.
I was a little crampy again in the morning getting ready to work at preschool, 
and besides just normal aches and pains, haven't had any action AT ALL today. 

After reading more about stripping membranes, 
it sounds like it will only work if your body is ready, 
so apparently Miss thing is still content. :)

I have my friend's wedding this Saturday, and my Sprinkle with family and a few friends this Sunday.
Wondering if I'll be making them! I hope so! 

It will drive you crazy, this not knowing! ;)

I'm hoping she either comes very soon, or waits until after Case's preschool graduation next Thursday, 
I would hate to miss that! 
We all know a baby decides when it's time to come though, 
and I'm going to try very hard to be patient! 

Hee!! She will be here before we know it though, can't believe how fast this last month is flying! 
Love you so much already Adley Kate, we can't wait to see your sweet face and snuggle you. 




Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Adley's Nursery

It was so fun coming up with ideas for a baby girl nursery this time!

Originally we were going to go with pale pink and cream.
Maybe some sort of stencil, 
but when it came down to it, 
I decided I wanted to use my Granny's large floral prints.
Not long after, I found a pale bluish gray paint color that I loved, and went from there.

I painted two coats of the gray, along with repainting the half bath the same color. 
I painted the trim with a fresh coat of white, 
then the crib went up, and it was sinking in! 

Over the weeks of my third trimester, 
things slowly started to come together. 

I love sitting in her room now, folding teeny baby clothes, 
rocking in the rocking chair, and imagining holding her in my arms. 

Not long sweet baby!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

36 Week Check Up

Woo hoo! 
Hello ninth, and final month of pregnancy! 
(Oh man, when I just typed that, it made me kind of sad!)

This begins my weekly appointments, 
getting so excited to meet this little lady. 

I dropped the boys off at preschool this morning and headed to my appointment. 
I was called back, and was given another "goodie bag" 
along with all the paper work about when to call, parking, etc. etc. 
I for some reason wasn't expecting all of this, 
and it really hit me that we are actually THAT CLOSE to having a baby!

This appointment included the Group B test, 
and the beginning of internal exams. 

Before the exam, 
I made sure to tell him I was spotting Sunday morning,
(nothing crazy, and no contractions or anything)
that I was having sharp pains down into my legs, 
and that my tail bone has been aching. 
(Rhett broke my tail bone as I delivered him)

To which he responded, 
"You are going to be dilated."
 "Do you think so??"
 "I'm guessing 2" 

Well guess what, I am 2 cm dilated and 60% effaced! 
"Pretty good guess, huh?"

He joked again that this baby is going to be 8 lbs 15 oz, 
to keep with the trend.
(Case was 6lbs 15 oz, and Rhett was 7 lbs 15 oz)
I asked him if he really thought she was going to be 9 lbs, 
as I was a little bit worried about delivering a 9 lb baby!
He smiled and said he didn't think she was that big. 

I also asked him to take a guess at when she'll be here,
"Hmmm 11 days. That would be, let's see, the 18th"
"That's my baby shower at my sister's house.. ha!"
"Oh wait, that's my daughter's graduation, okay 12 days!"

Oh lordy. 

Of course we know only God knows when our daughter will make her grand entry into the world,
but it's so hard not to obsess about when we think she'll be here! 

Oh, and I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead, I'm measuring 39 weeks. 

Matt gives me a week or two. 
We shall see!!! 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Surprise Baby Shower at Little Blessings!

After lunch, I stayed in the lunch room to clean up and stack chairs,
then walked down the hallway, as Jennifer was standing outside of the big room. 

I followed her into the room, to see the entire preschool, 
all three classes sitting on the floor, with teachers standing by, 
as they all shouted "SURPRISE!!!"

Sort of lost it, okay I lost it, and had to keep leaving the room for a second to get it together...
while saying "I am way too pregnant to handle this!!" ;)

Was just so stinking precious seeing all those little faces light up, 
and seem so excited to surprise me! 
Ah! I could just cry again. 
To think about all the teachers and parents planning this for me. 
So sweet. SO sweet.

They had me sit on the stage, 
as all those precious babies gathered around and watch me open all of the beautiful gifts from 
the amazing ladies I work with, and the wonderful parents. 
Adley and I felt so special, and I just feel overwhelmingly blessed to be a part of this preschool. 
I love those sweet babies, and my co-workers SO MUCH. 
Will miss working with them next year, to stay home with our newest addition! 

Thank you, thank you!